Our Pasadena Sprinkler Repair Team Can Rescue Your Lawn

Do you dream of your home becoming a beautiful retreat from the chaos of your 9-5 workday? Our expert Pasadena sprinkler repair team can help you make that dream a reality.

our Pasadena sprinkler repair team is professionalyou can always depend on our proswe pride ourselves for being reliable

Your Lawn Will Look Bright And Beautiful Again

a system optimized by our Pasadena sprinkler repair team Whether you're looking to install a completely new system, update your old one, or take steps to maintain your irrigation system's longevity, we've got you covered.

Our Pasadena TX sprinkler repair experts understand that the lawn isn't just wasted space – it's the first thing guests see when they visit, and the last thing you see when on your way to work each morning. Your home's appearance can have a great effect on your mood.

So why not call our sprinkler repair group today so we can help you make your home shine.

We Can Redesign Your Irrigation System in Pasadena TX

If your current irrigation system just isn't performing at the level one of our techs is designing a new sprinkler systemyou need it to, it might be time for a full system redesign. Our Pasadena TX irrigation repair team can perform an inspection of your current system, pinpoint areas that are inefficient, and help you redesign your sprinkler system for maximum efficiency and cost savings. It's possible that your previous irrigation route cut right through the base of a tree.

This means that as the tree grows, the roots become entangled in the sprinkler pipes, causing them to dislodge, leak, and become inoperable. That's why we have the foresight to look not just one year down the road, but decades down the road in order to predict future problems with different irrigation pipe layouts. We can help you re-route sections of your current system in order to keep the rest of it working smoothly.

Top of the Line Pasadena Irrigation Repair & Installation With a Smile

Tim, one of our Pasadena irrigation repair specialists is assembling the new systemOne of the things that makes our team members stand out from the rest of the crowd is that we place customer service at the top of our list. There's no point in us performing a job if we leave you feeling dissatisfied with our work and our attitude.

That's why all of our technicians are friendly and efficient, making for a pleasant transaction and a job well done. Not only do we leave you feeling happy, but we leave your lawn looking great – and that makes us feel great! It's a win/win/win situation.

Water sense meets EPA criteriacertified irrigation contractorwe renovate old existing gardens for over 30 years

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying

My lawn was in rough shape, and I had no clue as to what to do with it. Then one of my friends recommended these guys and two weeks later I have a new green paradise. Thank you!Jim T.
Me and my husband were thinking for quite some time to change our landscape, but we couldn't find a reliable and professional sprinkler repair in Pasadena. That was until we stumbled on you guys! We absolutely love the work Patrick and Mike did with our landscape. Thank you so much!Marry & John S.
I  just wanted to let you know that the new irrigation system, that you've installed, is working perfect and indeed my water bill has decreased significantly. Thanks for that!Larry P.
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More Than Your Average Pasadena Texas Sprinkler Repair Team

Our Pasadena Texas sprinkler repair team is ready and waiting for your phone call. We'll perform an inspection of your current sprinkler system and see what areas need improvement. We can also analyze your water use and give you tips about the best times to water and how frequently you should water in order to keep your lawn at its prime. We also offer routine maintenance plans so we can prepare your sprinkler system for the frigid winter and the hot summer months and keep it working for years to come.

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