Our Pasadena Sprinkler Installation Technicians will Optimize Your System

our Pasadena sprinkler installation tech is placing the new pipes in the groundRegardless of how new or old your system is, it can always benefit from routine maintenance. We recommend having your sprinkler heads inspected biannually – once in the spring, and once in the fall. This way you can prepare your irrigation system for both the summer heat and winter freezes and prevent costly damage and repair costs.

Don't Let Your Lawn Die

Every irrigation system should be inspected and optimized at least once per year. What exactly do we mean by optimization? This involves analyzing your water usage (such as the time of day you water and for how long) as well as the coverage area of your sprinklers. If you have dry spots in your lawn, then it's very likely that one or more sprinkler heads needs to be serviced.

The solution could be simply a sprinkler head adjustment and cleaning, or installation of new high-efficiency sprinkler heads. We'll give you a breakdown of our your lawn will look better just one week lateranalysis and optimization options and costs so you understand where your irrigation system is failing and the steps you can take to correct it. Here are a few ways we can quickly optimize your irrigation system:

  • Install a drip system to water trees at plants at the roots
  • Install an irrigation timer so you can set it and forget it
  • Install newer high efficiency rotating sprinkler heads
  • Analyze your water pressure and coverage area

These simple procedures can allow us to help you save money immediately without sacrificing the appearance of your lawn.

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Be Prepared for Extreme Winters and Scorching Summers

It is highly recommended that you schedule a yearly irrigation system blow out before the start of the winter months. This procedures allows us to remove any standing water from your sprinkler system that could freeze and cause your pipes and sprinkler heads to fracture, resulting in you having to replace your entire sprinkler system. This also ensures that your pipes are in tip-top shape for the following summer. If you want to avoid costly expenses, call our Pasadena TX sprinkler repair team right now to schedule an upcoming inspection and winterization procedure.

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